Web analysts FAIL not knowing this tactic to derive insights

The value of a web analyst has increased exponentially, since digital businesses are emerging all over the world and every business needs digital campaigns. Businesses can depend on a web analyst if he is doing the right job to add value to the business. He can add value to marketing efforts, product development, budgeting, and financial aspects.

But most of the time, we see that web analysts are stuck in a cave, not knowing how to advance their career/expertise after a certain level.  Two categories can be seen below.

Implementation Geeks

  • Know how to set-up and implement tracking for every element within the website and always thinking to capture new data points.

Web Reporters (Data Pukes)

  • Use Google Analytics only to create reports with minimal insights.


I came across two methodologies to get out of the cave and improve skills to provide more insights and recommendations. Segmentation and Commonalities are the best friends of any web analyst in any industry. Avinash (Google Evangelist) stressed these two methodologies in most of his articles to help people advance in their web analyst career.  Segmentation helps to start the web analyst’s career, while commonalities help to get out of the cave I mentioned earlier. This article will discuss commonalities, while separate articles will focus on segmentation.


Find insights by understanding commonalities

You always find good and bad with your campaigns, landing pages, or any part of digital marketing. Commonalities are the understanding of what went good and what went wrong. Web analysts should divide anything into two categories, good performers and bad performers. Then he should be able to understand commonalities or common characters of both segments. This helps to improve the good and reduce the bad. This is all in summary for commonalities. Let’s discuss real life examples to get more understanding.


Hubspot Sidekick

Hubspot’s sidekick product had an issue with customer retention, they wanted insights to improve retention. So they divided users into two groups, retained users and churned users, and looked for commonalities.  They found that if a user signs up with a company email address, they are more likely to retain for a long time. This is a heartbreaking insight for a web analyst and good opportunity to improve the bottom line for the business. Sidekick guys continuously pushed their customers to change their free email address to a company email.



Airbnb wanted to improve number of nights per customer. So they divided properties with short stays and long stays to get an insight. They found the properties with good images have longer stays and properties with low-quality images have shorter stays. Great, they have hired 20 photographers and achieved exponential growth.


ReapDigital facts:

Sinhala vs English – We ran a campaign in Sri Lanka and found that Sinhala (Most used Language in Sri Lanka) ads are attractive and drive most visitors, compared to English ads, but the problems with Sinhala ads are the conversion rates were low. So we wanted to capitalize the attractiveness by improving conversion rates. All the landing pages were ranked based on conversion rate and looked for a commonality among good and bad pages. We found that landing pages in Sinhala drove low conversion rate, even though ads are in Sinhala, while English pages drove high conversion rate. This simple insight helped us to capitalize the most attractive Sinhala ads and increase the conversion rate. The reason behind this behavior is people are comfortable to engage with Sinhala ads, but they feel annoyed typing in Sinhala in a Sinhala landing page to complete a task.


Real Estate Industry – A real estate campaign is launched to target people looking for retirement homes and luxury houses across all GEOs. We wanted to improve the conversion rate, so we sorted GEOs, based on interest (Micro metrics), to see commonalities of people looking for retirement homes and luxury homes. When the distance from Sri Lanka increases, people looking for retirement homes engaged more, and when the distance from Sri Lanka reduces, people looking for luxury home engaged. Based on this insight, we could allocate a budget, based on keywords and Geos and improve the conversion rate.


SEO using Data – Customer wants to increase SEO effort for a blog, so we got a list of blog posts and number of backlinks to them. We looked at commonalities with the pages that attracted the most natural backlinks, and we found that tutorials attracted the most backlinks and social shares. The reason behind this is people consumed tutorials and linked back from their blogs and included their answers in stackoverflow. We recommended to the customer to write more tutorials to attract more backlinks and increase the SEO rankings.

I believe that these examples are good enough to understand commonalities and advance your career.

Happy Analysis! More Insights!


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