Track Paypal Conversion (100%) with Google Universal Analytics with The Demography

Universal Analytics TrackingI had a problem in my head for a long time about Adowrds conversion and PayPal payments. Both companies aren’t going together to help business owner to track PayPal payment as a conversion in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. There are two cases in PayPal transactions that we are experiencing


Customer pays via PayPal and he needs to perform an action ( Eg- download a ebook or software)

  • You can attached the tracking code to the download page(or action page)

Customer pays via PayPal and leave the PayPal ( This happens when you are providing a service)

Paypal Tracking using Google Universal Analytics

  • No action page
  • Customer leave PayPal page after they see the PayPal thank you page
  • Difficult to track conversions

In the second case you can’t just track all the conversion from Google Analytics or Google Adwords so you have three options.

  1. Track signups as the conversion
  2. Track successful PayPal redirection as the conversion (In my experience it is below that the 10% but it may vary)
  3. Track click event on the buy now button that redirects to PayPal – not accurate

As my experience above methods aren’t  accurate for the business that I’m dealing with so I just wanted to discover a new method. Suddenly Google Universal Analytics came up with bunch of new features including “Measurement Protocol“. From this I say we can track 100% conversions with additional dimensions such as gender, PayPal transaction amount etc..

Let’s take a real life example to describe the situation

  1. customer reaches the web site
  2. register on the the site – collect name, email via a form
  3. Call before perform the purchase
  4. pay via PayPal, amount can be different
  5. close the PayPal before redirecting the thank you page
  6. Agent give the service and collect additional data

Now time to track 100% conversions

Collect CID (32 bit Client ID from Google Analytics) from each visitor and pass that ID to PayPal via the registration form. Once the payment is completed, fire an offline event with the value through measurement protocol using same CID.  GUA will link the previous user session to the conversion and now you have actual earnings for each keywords and for each channel with all the dimensions.

From this method you can track conversions without any problem and definitely you need a developer to do this for you. In this case we used, Google Analytic to track conversions but you can import those conversion to Google Adwords by linking them. But we have a problem here that is Google Analytics gives credit to last click. To avoid this we have two options in the GUA.

  1. Exclude subdomains and referees
  2. Exclude organic keywords

Other than this method you can use noverride, multi channel analysis and GA tweaks to find the actual Adwords keyword.



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