Tallest Christmas Tree – What’s in it for travel marketers

The tallest Christmas tree was completed successfully with a Guinness record. Every time I hear about the tallest Christmas tree as the big thing in Sri Lanka, I have the same question: “What’s in it for travel marketers?” This is a rare opportunity, where marketers can reach potential customers who are reading about this digitally via multi channels, since all the top new/media sites captured this. While we have the awareness of Sri Lanka, marketers should reach potential customers in real-time with targeted content.

If you go to Google News and search for “Tallest Christmas Tree”, you will find the all the media coverage including these top news websites:

  • dailymail.co.uk
  • news.com.au
  • dw.com
  • aljazeera.com
  • wsj.com

News results for “Tallest Christmas Tree”


Not limited to the above websites, this tallest Christmas tree got coverage from almost all the countries with a positive note about harmony.

As a part of this coverage, Google Trends for “Sri Lanka” hit the highest search trend in Google within the last 5 years, and this explains the success of this effort.

Google Trends for “Sri Lanka”


This made the perfect condition for travel marketers to focus on their campaigns and offering to capitalize on this rare situation. Based on numerous campaigns and experiments, I came across a digital marketing funnel to get the maximum out of the situation. This will give you a quick guide to plan your campaign strategy, based on your maturity and objectives. But if you are an experienced marketer, this will give you a heads-up, and you can use your own creativity to launch a silver bullet.


1.    Google Display – Managed placement in top news sites


Google lets you pick the URLS or website where your ads should go. You can target all the top news websites and their posts about the Christmas tree to show your ads. Almost every news website supports Google display network. Also, you can leverage Google Display features to narrow your targeting, such as GEO, device, time, intention etc.

Also, you can personalize your ads to make them more prominent. Customize your travel package, including a visit to the Christmas tree and taking a selfie to witness the Guinness record and don’t forget to include this on your ads, which you will show in news websites.


2.    Google Search – Searchers for Tallest Christmas tree


There are plenty of searches for the Sri Lankan Christmas tree, so you can offer your customized travel package to grab their attention. Keyword planner indicates every year there are searches happening for the “tallest Christmas tree”, but unfortunately, we don’t have visibility to this year yet. But it is time to capitalize before it is too late. The below graph shows the search volumes for the tallest Christmas tree.

Search Volume for “Tallest Christmas Tree”


3.    Generic Re-marketing


If your sole purpose is to drive conversion, the abovementioned tactics have low probability, so you can stick to remarketing campaign. You can target visitors who visited your site with display remarketing and remarketing list for search ads to entice visitors to convert at your site and don’t forget to add Christmas tree to your offering.


4.    Personalized Remarketing


There are unlimited user behavior combinations you can use to target potential customers. Segment your audience based on their behavior; if someone engaged with “Yala Safari/Hotel”, you should segment them to create a specific remarketing campaign. Your ad should talk about “Yala” + “Christmas tree” and ads should appear on News websites that talk about Sri Lankan Christmas tree as mentioned above. In this manner, you can target people who have already shown an interest in traveling to Sri Lanka with very relevant ads in a relevant place.


Hope you got an idea about the potential, but you must act before it too late to capitalize on this rare opportunity. Don’t limit to the above mentioned channels; give your attention to social channels too, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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