How do Pakistani E-commerce suffer from not having a CRO expert?

Ecommerce in Pakistan has been continuously growing over the last few years and shows a promising growth. With the 190 population in Pakistan, ecommerce players have a big opportunity to create billion dollar businesses.  In India, Flipkart and Amazon raised 1B+ dollar investments for their expansions.

Since Pakistan is an emerging country in terms of Digital advertisement and digital customer adoption, higher management should focus on building digital capabilities to catch up with the competition. Whoever is able to move faster with the technology can move ahead of the competition.


Fast Tempo Pakistan ecommerce

Since higher management has dealt with marketing for decades, their mindset should be adjusted according the technology advancement in digital marketing. But most of the time, we see higher management trying to mimic offline advertisement in digital marketing. They are especially falling in love with social shares and social likes. Since Pakistan is an emerging country and most customers are new to ecommerce, the success of a business can be defined in an equation as follows:


Business Growth = Adoption + Retentions


It is quite challenging to drive adoption from people who never experienced an online transaction, so you should have a strategic campaign to convert new users. Most of the time, it is difficult to acquire a customer profitably using digital time, unless it is a high-value product. As a solution for that, higher management should keep eye on the retention, and if you have a good business plan to retain the customer, then you can absorb the higher acquisition cost.


RealLife Fact: If you search for a hotel, Agoda will appear in the search result as a paid ad. Agoda is spending a lot of money acquiring new customers, because they know that if they can acquire a customer, they can retain him for a long time. In this case, individual hotels are struggling to compete with Agoda because of their strong retention.

If you need to win, become an Agoda for ecommerce. Kayamu is slowly moving towards that, as they have global expertise.

To achieve business growth in ecommerce, you need to have a wise campaign plan and a website that converts visitors to customers. Today, the object is to discuss common mistakes on the Pakistani E-commerce websites. These mistakes could occur due to lack of optimization expertise, usage of readymade templates, or the highest paid person’s opinion (Hippo). Let’s discuss two common mistakes out of 100s:

  • Automatic image sliders or carousels
  • All caps in navigation

Automatic image sliders or carousels

Hippos and creative directors are attached to sliders or carousels, so you can see most of the Pakistani ecommerce websites have a slider. All the ecommerce templates support sliders, so they can just switch it on.

A slider or carousal can take the visitor’s attention quickly and load into their working memory. Because of this, visitors may forget the initial intention and leave the website, without taking an action. Also, providing more choices to the visitor can create paradox of choices. Paradox of choice shows people leave the website if they are overloaded with choices.


All caps in navigation

Many ecommerce websites in Pakistan use all caps in their websites. Probably, all the templates come with capital letters in the navigation. Visitors tend see words in the navigation as boxes if the navigation uses all caps. Also, words in all caps increases the cognitive load of a reader. According to research conducted by Breland, text in all capital letters reduces reading speed by up to 20%. Poulton suggests, in his research, reading speed is optimal when uppercase and lowercase letters are used.


If you are using a template or a website without testing, these two suggestions can give you a way to start with website optimization. Whenever you have doubt about the suggestions, simply conduct a test to see the real result.

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