eCommerce Funnel Optimization Insights with Enhance eCommerce

Enhance eCommerce empowers web analysts with a new set of reports and capabilities to gain more meaningful insights easily. if you don’t use this feature, it is high time to use it. While reading Avinsha’s blog, I found he explains the value of the enhance eCommerce setup and its possibilities. So, I thought I would share a few analyses we conducted, so you can get a better understanding and direction to optimize your eCommerce business.

After completion of enhance eCommerce, the report was as below. We can see the complete funnel

Total sessions for the selected period is 121,000, but only 37.87% visited the product pages; others may have left the website after just visiting the home page or category page. This means 62.13% didn’t visit to the product pages. All the money spent on driving them to the site was wasted with a minimal benefit. Ideally, visitors should go to product pages to understand the value of products and other value proposition including warranty and discount.  However, in isolation, we cannot say whether 37.87% is bad or good. But, as an analyst, our responsibility is to find opportunities to reduce this dropout and drive relevant traffic.

If you want to improve the funnel, you must look at the campaigns, web design and products. The below section explain the possibilities to improve the funnel along with these 3 sections.

Channel Optimization for Better Funnel

Segmentation is your best friend to understand funnel performance against each channel you are investing. You need to see multiple possible combinations to understand the segment’s top funnel conversion rates and also worst conversion rates. You can expand top converting segments while experimenting with low converting segments.

Real Case: Campaign analysis gave us the quick insight because we noted a few campaigns drive 75% visitors to the product pages from the homepage or category pages. Also, we looked at campaign with Age/Gender/Geo drill down to find good campaign opportunities.

Design Optimization

Home page & category page design layout and content should persuade users to visit the product pages. If the user leaves without navigating to the product page, it is a problem with the product or the design. To improve the funnel using design, you need to come up with a hypothesis to run CRO tests. Neuromaketing, user psychology or insight from data can be used to come up with the test.

Real Cases – We ran tests with CTAs on home page and category pages, so we were able to improve conversion rates by 20%, on average. Also, we concluded a few tests with positive results related to “Price Display”.  In addition, larger images tend to get more CTR on the category pages. By having a human image on the home page, it might increase the dropout rate because it engages with the subconscious mind and the visitor may forget their initial intention. Read more about human face psychology here –


Product Optimization

This purely depends on the product. If your product is rubbish, people don’t bother reading more about the product. When you onboard a product, you can use signals from previous sales data to forecast the attractiveness of the product.

Real Cases: We can play with the sorting order to decrease the risk with product attractiveness. We can show top selling product first, which will address the larger audience. Further, we can use machine learning algorithm to show the best possible product based on visitor attribution and behaviour.

Basically, there are unlimited possibilities where you can optimize the funnel and drive visitors through the funnel. Don’t limit to all visit to product page funnel; you can use the same methodology to optimize the entire funnel.

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